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  • The Magic of Learning

  • Rainbee is here to help guide you and your little one through a world of extraordinary magic. Based on the enchanting, original story 'Meet Rainbee', learning with the Rainbee-Metrics companion tool allows you - as the parent - to build wholesome, healthy kids; consciously kind and curious, resilient and creative.

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  • Spreading enchantment and wonder

    It all started with a story... Rainbee's adventure to find true self is reflected in your own child's journey through the magical garden of life.

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  • Supporting holistic development

    From mindful self-awareness to physical and cognitive development, stimulate deeper thinking, creativity and a love for learning.

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  • Creating conscious connections

    Embark on a journey of meaningful connection through insightful conversations around open-ended questions.

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  • Gaining insight through reflection

    Discover hidden emotions through your child's reflective responses - gain a better understanding of how they see the world.


  • "I've really enjoyed engaging with my son. Many insightful and enlightening conversations have been initiated during our daily Rainbee-Metrics time. Its improved my son's behaviour and made me reflect on my own as a parent."

    image: EnnisJ Testimonial
    Ennis J
    South Africa

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