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  • "For someone whose child is struggling in many of the measured areas, I think this is a great tool to use.

    The visuals of the rainbow to show the ups and downs is great.

    The included star reward chart to seamlessly track the progress is a great incentive - it forces a little quality time between parent and child and everyone's involvement together...

    image: AmyD Testimonial
    Amy D
    United States

    "I love that each colour of the rainbow is representative of a different area of a child's development"
    image: Jennifer T Testimonial
    Jennifer T
    United Kingdom

    "I find it useful in assessing my child's emotional health and what activities they performed during that day."

    image: Kingsley J Testimonial
    Kingsley J
    United States

  • "I've really enjoyed engaging with my son.

    Many insightful and enlightening conversations have been initiated during our daily Rainbee-Metrics time.

    Its improved my son's behaviour and made me reflect on my own as a parent."

    image: EnnisJ Testimonial
    Ennis J
    South Africa


    "I think it's useful for parents and young kids alike"


    image: Metro Testimonial
    United States


    "Kept my kid engaged the whole time!"

    image: Deepal S Testimonial
    Deepal S
    United States

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