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  • Unlock your child's full potential with Rainbee-MetricsTM - an innovative, online program that helps little kids achieve big things!

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  • A Process with Proven Results

  • Through perceptive self-evaluation, Rainbee-Metrics measures core aspects of your child's growth and development each day.

    As a team, you and your child will answer a set of well-crafted questions, bringing their personalized Rainbow-Meter to life.

    "I love that each colour of the rainbow is representative of a different area of a child's development"

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  • Mindful Self-Awareness

    Children are able to focus on the present and understand their emotions by cultivating self-awareness through mindfulness.

  • Social-Environmental Awareness

    Kids develop empathy and respect for others, as well as the world around them - by exploring their surroundings, engaging in group activities and experiencing different cultures.

  • Cognitive Development

    Young minds flourish when their skills in pattern recognition, numeracy, literacy, critical thinking and problem solving are developed; shaping the future by comprehending the world.

  • Physical Development

    An active life is full of fun! Through sports, games and exercise, children can improve motor skills and coordination, while their overall health benefits form a good diet and plenty of sleep.

  • Creative Expression

    Art, music, and dance are all activities that allow children to channel emotions, experiment with ideas, and nurture their individual capabilities.

  • Free Play and Imagination

    Kids build a greater understanding of the world around them through the characters they meet and scenarios they encounter in stories and imaginative play sessions.

  • Together you'll set and
    work towards mutually agreed-upon goals. Recognize, reward and celebrate your little star with digital badges and reward charts!


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